For companies who trust us for years, we favor a closely involved upstream for the transportation part, and this by participating in:

• The development of the budgetary offer at the time of the responses to tenders of our customers to their own customers,

• The possible development of the documentary credit, depending on the destination and constraints of the customer

• Reflection on the logistics of the project before it starts: packaging, container purchases ...

• Choice from a logistic point of view, of the place of supply of some exceptional packages (India, Asia, Europe, USA ... based on the transport solutions, costs and the packaging solutions)

• Reflection on tax issues, regulatory and customs according to the place of manufacture,

And beyond our technical expertise in the only transportation part, we stand by our service quality by appointing a technical project manager who is responsible of:

• The relationship with your services

• Operations management with subcontractors suppliers in France, or in the exporting country within the framework of "Cross-Trade", having regular contact with the sender to handle all shipping documents but also if necessary, packaging, removal, customs, pottings ...

• Operations management in the destination country (or the country of origin).

As such, we can physically intervene abroad several times during a project.

For example, we can go on the site before the first shipments for validate the shipping scheme. Also, at the first shipment to facilitate the receipt and clearance of the consignment and if necessary, to maintain / facilitate transactions and relationships between the various stakeholders during the contract or when the need arises ...