To a large volume and / or outsized, the chartered ship can be an interesting alternative.

With our experience, we effectively manage all logistics related to shipment for :

  • Large volumes
  • The high density package
  • Package in "extras size"

We ensure the smooth flow of goods that you entrust us, in compliance with the constraints :

  • Administrative
  • Techniques
  • Delays
  • Other

2012 : Project Saudi Arabia :

  • Shipping of 4,000 m3 (200 parcels) via a conventional ship from Lyon to render Ras Al Khair (KSA).
  • Management approaches France, Germany and Italy to Antwerp (Belgium) with dockside monitoring.

Highlights package (L x W x H) :

  • 4,75m x 4,35m x 4,20m (31 tonnes).
  • 11,50m x 3,60m x 3,13m (49 tonnes).